Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Light Bearers

Every human being on the face of the earth has forty six chromo­somes in their DNA.  Recently I heard of a woman who conceived and had what is called a miscarriage. After the emerging fetus left her body, it was tested and found to hold sixty nine chromosomes. It was stated that the fetus had too many for one child and too few for twins. 

There is another perspective, which is the emergence of the new type man with an upgraded evolutionary code, that of conscious light bearer. This Conscious Light Bearer will be able to portray the higher type of human who can be in open, conscious communion with the world that is invisible now. These new beings may indeed have more chromosomes in their DNA than the humans of today. If it is taken that all the possibilities for advancement are contained within the forty six now deemed to be standard, then the superhuman chromosomes may or may not be present. 

Chromosome comes from the Greek word 'chromo or chroma' meaning the purity of color.  Said another way, a chroma is an element which has the ability to carry a specific spectra of light. It follows that forty six of them as the basic building block of the average human may carry forty six different aspect of light and all the possible combinations thereof. Thus a truly evolved human being would have all forty six in perfect alignment with the cosmic norm. Beyond that would come the next level of evolution carrying more chromo­somes within the human DNA. 

 The suggestion is made that the new type human will have fifty six chromosomes within its DNA and constitute the master number of eleven. This is a higher vibratory level than is present now. This event will take us out of the range of decimal and binary and place us on the next rung of the ladder of the infinite expansion we have undertaken.

We are beings of light! We know that all the colors we currently perceive are not the outer limits of light. There are colors above and below those we see, hear and feel now. Some of those colors are accessible with instruments made by man. We seem to have a picture of evolution as being the stronger devouring the weaker, then standing on top of the nearest hill beating its chest. What if that is not a cogent picture of evolution?

Perhaps we need to reassess our view of evolution. We may have come to the end of the surviv­al of the fittest phase of our evolution. We may be on the threshold of the next phase. This phase may include both the so called strong and weak growing together carrying traits for the benefit of both. This new view of evolu­tion affords us the opportunity to treat ourselves as very valu­able creatures. It lends a nurturing flavor to our interactions with one another which is now largely missing.  The "grab all you can while you can" attitude which permeates our daily lives today will then give way to a stance which seeks to elevate those who are temporarily unable to elevate themselves.

Let the evolution begin now!