Monday, September 28, 2015

My Guides

Something is going on with me. First there was the active presence of my guides, known by the gentle warmth at the base of my skull. Then there was the stroll down the isles of my memories, starting with very early memories. Then there came the piece about missed opportunities. I know full well that every path is a choice. 

My guides can appear to be very devious. When I am reluctant to look at any area, they circle around on seeming tangents, then take me right into what I must see for my greater growth.  I do trust those who guide me.  It took me years to admit that such beings exist. I used to be overly suspicious of those who claim to be working with guides. But now when their active presence is not felt, there is a type of void.  I have come to rely on the gentle pressure at the base of my skull to let me know of this presence.
There is something that I must see and examine. That something concerns the work that I agreed to do this incarnation, which everything tells me involves many people.  I have been silent on the subject as it did not seem appropriate. The subject was not a teaching per se, but rather a knowing that I have which have been affirmed by some very trusted persons. 

The vision concerning the work has been evolving over the years.  When I caught the first glimpse of the vision, I thought it meant to run right out in the street and grab folks by the proverbial collar and let them know that the change was here. I'd shout out loud that we had to be about cooperating with it.  Over the years the fervor has grown but a quiet patience has been added as the gift of the Holy Spirit.  Now it is beginning to churn again, and this time it is a little different.  I did not even want to look at the vision which has been the driving force behind all that I think and do for so long now.  I cannot even remember when it first started.  My guides have been cunning and I can appreciate a fast one.  

Now that I have seen the picture they have been drawing, and it has very little to with Vincent, museums, former friends. It concerns the gifts all of those disparate pieces have placed within my soul to be unveiled as I begin to  consciously focus on the content of that vision. I must ask and receive definite guidance about revealing the scope of that vision here. 

If that is in the cards, then that will be done.  All of this is not to be mysterious, but until the incubating period is at an end, it may sound rather hollow to tell all that the vision entails.  Believe me, when it is unveiled, and at this time I am convinced that it will be, it shall be enough to encompass an entire life time of work.  For that I am grateful. Holding to the vision is one of the ways in which I am transforming.   

Thanks fellows!

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