Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Center of the Onion

Last night I went to the Wednesday night rapping with the rev held at our church. While there, I shared how through a personal story; I was led and guided to release a thirty year old recurring abscess. The story involved the sexual interaction between me, as a child, and an elderly male neighbor.

That incident, which was repeated over months, I deemed shameful. I stuffed that shame deep within my flesh and it erupted ever so often as an abscess for those thirty years. The first step was to acknowledge when the first abscess occurred. Then the next step was to own the shame I’d stuffed inside my physical being. When I touched that deep seated shame, I became nauseous and threw up, literally! 

The next step through my healing process was to own that all the shame and grief were my own and release them. That process took several days, but they were released. The next step was forgiveness. That section of the healing process took a few more days. I was able to truly forgive my neighbor for the incidents; but also myself for having been participated in them. However, there were yet a few more steps to complete the healing.

 I had to see my own part in the co-creation of the incident. That took many more days, in prayer and meditation, to arrive at the place where I was able to accept that yes; indeed I am the co-creator of all the events in my life; therefore that one. The last step took days and days of the meditative process to get there. Once there, the freeing realization that there is nothing to forgive came. I chose to be the participant in an incident, thirty years previously which led to the moment when I owned my divinity and myself as the co-creator of events; that my friend is true freedom and grace and love for my creator who gave me free will.

 Needless to say the abscess has never returned; and that was twenty-seven years ago.

At the end of the meditation portion of the evening, several women told me how brave I was for sharing that story. Now that is just a story to me. The joy of the telling came during the meditation. The story illustrated to me, my healing was akin to the peeling an onion to find the center core where are no more layers to remove. There at the center is the true being who came into incarnation to be a bringer of light that can shines away shame. 

Today I am the light, and I am truly grateful for that knowing.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Power (Over vs To)

Power has been in the news lately. Most of the conversation concerns power over. The discussion mostly revolve around those possessing power in government, media, entertainment, and other areas of endeavor are being accused of mishandling their power and harming others. These are mostly facts. The power they appear to have was bequeathed to them by the rest of us who appear to have no power. Most of what we see as abuse of power is the egos of those who deign to believe they have power to control someone else’s behavior.

‘POWER TO’ is a different kettle of fish altogether. ‘Power To’ is the divine gift to every human being on the planet. In that case, it signifies that we are all gifted with power. We are all endowed with the power to choose who we show the world we are. We have the power to choose how we respond to events, circumstance, and life. In the end we are never victims but co-creators of our experiences.

We are powerful spiritual beings with great strength and resilience. We are stronger than any circumstance in which we may find ourselves. We are capable of transforming ourselves and overcoming our circumstances. To do this, we must believe with all our might that indeed we have the power to transform from victim to victor. This task is much easier to discuss than to do.

Achieving this grasp of our power begins with the acknowledgment that we have the divine power to choose. Once this acknowledgment is grounded in our consciousness; we begin to notice our responses to events. Did we respond from a place of powerlessness or from one of strength? If the former, we note it and plan to use the latter response next time. With practice we move into our divine power and know our strength.

We always had the POWER TO.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

On Being Spiritual

Everyone is anointed and appointed to be the light of the world. That is because everyone has the light of the Great Creator within them. There is nothing, nor anyone who is not spiritual. That is to say; all that is manifested is made from the un-manifested spirit. Therefore, with or without the language of any religion, to one degree or another; we are all spiritual. Any division or separation resides in the realm of consciousness alone.

As we begin to erase the divisions from our awareness, so we begin to see the Divine everywhere. Here’s the rub, we will not to see the Divine anywhere, until we begin to see the Divine in ourselves. Love, compassion and understanding must first be applied to ourselves before we can apply them to the world. 

We see through who we are. If we are suspicious and constantly on the lookout for wrong doings; it means we have a strong streak of wrong doing in ourselves. On the other hand, if we are compassionate and loving; we have a strong streak of those qualities within ourselves. How we see the world is exactly how we are.

Freedom is within us, yet we remain feeling bound and limited. We are adepts at finding new ways to entangle ourselves and keep at bay the very joy we seek. We do this out of sheer habit. But habits can be broken with attention. The way to break out of our limitations is to pay attention to our action and especially our words. “Out of the issues of the heart the mouth speaks,” is one sage’s way of saying what is on the inside is most important.

As we continue to pay attention to who we are, and how we inhabit the grand beings we are; we open the floodgates to grace. Grace flows into our lives on currents of peace, joy, love and hope. The very elements we call Spiritual.

Remember we are made from the stuff of love, which is spiritual.

Friday, November 24, 2017


There is much suffering seen in our world at this time. The suffering, we see, is merely the end of the cycle of pain and grief; a phase of our humanity that is coming to an end. Everything enthroned within the darkness, we created, has to come to the surface and be healed. That is the essence of the Transformation.

The entirety of the mis-creation we created, in the dark while we slept, has to surface to be shined away by our collective light. This is the action of our moments; to shine our light and melt the darkness of the fear that haunts us. Thus when we see outrageous behavior, massacres, small wars, injustices, crimes and hateful conduct; know they are the tail end of the current cycle. They are but the final thrashing and flailing about of the darkness before it finally surrenders to our enormous light.

The darkness, which we think of as being permanent, is giving way for the light of harmony and grace; that is the story we will tell as human beings. The new cycle being ushered in is one of harmless and peace. This is cause for celebration.

We are often warned not to celebrate before we know the final outcome of any event. I take the view that the celebration if not only the harbinger, but the act of the Transformation we seek.

So, the Celebration Time is now.