Sunday, April 15, 2018

Women’s Retreat

Friday and Saturday I attended a Women's Retreat at Unity North Atlanta. It was one of the most beneficial gathering I had attended in a very long time. Amy Steinberg was magnificent and her voice will shake mountains is its strength. The process she led with women in a circle to claim their past condition was very powerful. The breath work led by Ananda was so very powerful and expansive. I cried may tears this weekend and it has left me cleansed. the next two paragraphs contain the testimonial I wrote for the church's Face Book page.
The Women’s Retreat was a collection of expanding events for me. The camaraderie combined with the elegance of presenters made the whole affair a touch stone of grace. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of being there. There was love everywhere and the conversations in between the sessions proved to be enlightening as well.

For me the most expanding sessions were the circle within the circle where we stepped in the inner circle for all conditions women can be heir to and the breath work. During that circle I was amazed at how much we have in common and how connected we were to one another. Whenever a condition was named more than a few stepped in to claim it. Never was a condition named and only one woman step forward.

Doing the breath work opened spaces within me that I had not visited before. There is more space me now than before I attended the Women’s Retreat at UNA.

Cecelia (Joyce) Smith

Thursday, April 12, 2018


Last evening, I attended a group meeting where the state of our collective spirituality was the topic of discussion. The subject of guilt came up and many of those present opined on the place and purpose of guilt in our ongoing spiritual quest. I opined also. This morning I awoke with an explanation which would make guilt and acronym. 

G         Great
U         Unreleased
I           Information
L          Lacking
T          Truth
I   will leave it there. It is an acronym I will always use to dispel any guilt I feel about my actions or words; and not assign guilt to any even if they appear to be processing unreleased information.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Nature of the Soul

The souls which occupy the bodies are  small fragments of the each soul. A soul is far too powerful to be contained entirely within an earthly body. The entirety of the soul is available to the human with which it is associated. That is to say all the wisdom, the knowledge, the power and the love into which the soul has been expanding over the eons is available to humans. This is considerable.

The soul is continuously expanding on multiple planes of existence and is attentive to every fragment it sends out to gain experience. The textures of physical existence are important to the soul; because physicality provides enormous opportunities for rapid expansion. Every experience is used by the soul as a vehicle for expansion and is processed as such. Whether the experience is viewed by our physicality as negative or positive the experience is valued by the soul and added to itself.

The earth is a complete soul. Her fragments are gathered within herself and she is expanding on a completely different plane than the humans living on her surface. Although the earth has chosen to remain with the souls using her physical expression to further their own expansion; she is on a different trajectory than we are. Her allowance and acceptance of humans is her service to the creative force dedicated to universal expansion.

We are also in service to this creative force. As we expand and become greater than we are today, we will come to value service. As we do we will become larger than we ever imagined ourselves to be.

We can communicate with our wise souls and feel the presence in our physical lives.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


The divisions that are so obvious in our earthly life are caused by the forces of the joining upon the entity known as Humanity. On the inner planes of existence, there are more souls with the knowing of our Oneness than are holding on to the illusion of separation. The knowledge, that we are one being, is causing the illusion of separation to fray at the edges. This fraying is triggering the illusion to implode upon itself. What we see as divisions and an intractable stubbornness to stay in our selected corners; is the ripples caused by the implosion of the illusion.

Something has to give. As the knowledge of our intrinsic oneness gathers strength; the illusion will continue to fray. It will eventually vanish from the knowing of Humanity. Such are the wonders of our awakening. The forces of love will be deployed to heal our broken places and our beloved Mother Earth. We will blossom together as springs flowers on an open field.

The joining is seen as fearsome to those ensconced in the folds of the decaying illusion of separation. Like children hiding in a darkened room afraid to open the door to the light outside, the un-awakened ones thrash about in fear; holding fast to the desperation of being annihilated by the light of Oneness. All the anxiety is a part of the illusion. It has no power to harm. 

As we open our natural eyes to the light of love we glow. The glow of our awakening will light up our corner of the universe to the endless delight of Humanity.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

My Body

In order to remain on this planet I need the body; therefore, I give credence to everything it has to say. As with most earthlings, I tend to listen to my body only when it causes an uproar which interrupts what I am doing; in other words when it hurts. Every once in a while, I remember to give attention to my body aside from the normal feeding, washing and sheltering which are the basic minimum requirements for all human bodies. I maintain this for a few days and it responds with great joy and cooperation. Then, since everything seem to be going well, I lapse into forgetfulness, and my body travel along with the joyfulness for awhile only to erupt again from lack of attention.

I am indeed grateful for my body and how it perfectly performs most of the time. It has taken me wherever I wanted to go without protest. The feet hurt only when they are placed in uncomfortable shoes. It demands more rest than is considered normal; but that too is good. I often listen to its need for long periods of rest in order to recover. This body has been the most willing of servants to every whim I choose to pursue. It has also brought to my consciousness every pleasure I have had; since it holds the receptacles of perception, known as the five senses. It is a most noble instrument. The uncaring manner with which I have treated it at times will cease; it deserves the very best I can give

In conjunction will all living things, it thrives on attention and performs much better when it has an audience. Truth is, I have always been its audience; so I will give it all the accolades it deserves.

Thanks dear body for being so faithful, in spite of all I have put you through.