Friday, October 20, 2017

Human Nature

Whenever some cultural norm is violated, people often say ‘it’s just human nature’. What they are in essence saying it is within our human nature to be cruel and unkind, or uncaring of the needs of others. I have a different point of view.

What has been termed ‘human nature’ is merely a collection of empirical evidence which stands in opposition to our Divine Nature. It is our Divine Nature which causes us to feel compassion; to offer a kind word to one in need; to hug a grieving person; to give aid to those whose lives have been upturned by floods, hurricanes or earth quakes. Our Divine Nature is inherent; that is to say we are born with it. Human nature is acquired. Because it is acquired it can be changed.

We are always in possesion of our Divine Nature. Truth is it is who we are. Oft times we act from the learned human nature. When we do, we feel a pang of something akin to guilt. That is because our inherent Divine Nature has been violated to one extent or another. Then there are those instances when we act from our Divine Nature and experience joy.

Our Divine task is to watch for those instances when our Divine Nature asserts itself in our actions and honor them. By this honoring, we strengthen our contact with our true self and grow in joy and peace. It does take practice and a vigilant introspection; but the rewards of joy and peace are worth every effort.

Remember you are Divine by nature.

Thursday, October 19, 2017


There is a pervasive energy of fear roaming among us. We are the authors of this fear filled energy and we must become the finisher of it. There are only two responses we are afforded on this plane of existence. One Love and two fear. As with the faces Love presents, we fail to recognize the many and varied faces fear wears. Please allow me to list a few of the faces of fear we can eliminate from our awareness; thereby lessening the amount of fear in our daily lives.

The first face of fear is hate. Hate is the first born child of fear and is not often recognized as fear at all. We say such and such a one is hateful and needs to change. That one is so very fearful of the world; and even themselves, that hate is how their world is processed. Such a one needs all the love we can bestow.

After the first face the rest is not in any particular order. Fear often shows up as resentment. Someone performs an act not to our liking and we harbor resentment. That is the expectation that the action will be repeated; and we will feel hurt again. That is the fear. Love leads us into the arms of forgiveness and wipes away the fear.

Jealousy, envy, racism, misogyny, child abuse and any other malady we can name are all fathered by fear. Once we acknowledge these plagues and name their parent; we can go on to replace the feelings they engender with feelings of love and forgiveness. It may not be easy; as we are fond of the familiar feelings we get from them. But as a progressive force in this world we must change any and all fear to the Love we are inside

Turning the page, we LOVE.  

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Recurring Dreams

 For over thirty years I’ve been having a recurring dream that I am lost. The landscape in which I find myself is always large and expansive. There are always hills and valleys. The road I start out taking I was always sure was the one to get me where I was going. Sometimes I was going somewhere away from home and sometimes I was returning home. Then the road turns out to be different and I can never find my way to where I am going. That is the basic theme of these dreams. Often for long periods the places in which I am lost repeats; sometimes they differ. 

Last night I had one of those dreams and the only difference was I had someone with me. We were going to school, we got in the car and the road turned out to be different. There were several encounters and I never got where we going. I have puzzled and pondered what the missing lesson of these dreams was. This time I did something different; I reached out.

I called my spiritually gifted friend Peace and she confirmed that I must again take up the pen. It does not matter if this is read or not. The intent of my life is to speak. The purpose of my existence as a human is to use words to convey some of the meaning of our collective purpose here on planet earth. This I’ve always known and always made light of. I am about to start the adventurous journey of finding where I am to go.

Please stay tuned.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

What If…

I have been having a recurring thought. What if we were all connected? What if we could change the world with a simple affirmation? What next the transformation we are seeking lay within our thoughts and one resounding thought could cause everything to change? So I answered myself and said yes, we can!

The affirmation that accompanied the thought is “I AM A RADIATING CENTER OF PEACE.”
Here’s my proposition if you choose to take me up and see if indeed we can change the world right now. Every time you have a spare moment throughout the day for the next seven days say that affirmation out loud or within the confines of your mind. It cannot stop there however. What must follow is to be extremely diligent in looking for the outshoots of peace everywhere. Every time you observe an event, enter a conversation, browse the internet, watch television, look for signs of peace. 

This is a scientific experiment. Please report your peace sighting on my FaceBook page or in person. 

Let’s see.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Where Are My Keys?

Yesterday, my nephew, Joseph, drove up from Dunwoody to take me to the grocery store. The reason he had to do that is that my car died a couple of months and as of this moment has not been replaced. I am grateful for having such loving folks around me to spare me some of the harsher realities of not having personal transportation in an area where there is no public transportation to speak of.

All of this takes me to my keys. Last evening I had a group meeting with church folks. Another great soul, Bonnie, picks me up for that event. Well as she pulled up I reached for my keys on the hook on the kitchen wall where I usually keep it. It was not there. I did not have much time to search for them, so I grabbed the spare keys on the adjoining hook and off we went. Returning home, I searched all the suspected places where I could have placed the keys, with no result. I shrugged the whole incident off and went on with the rest of my evening
This morning as I prepared breakfast I look on the other kitchen wall; the one with the hook for the pot holders and there they were. Perched on top of the pot holders; appearing out of place; were the long sought for keys.

I knew there was something there for me to ponder. Objects in the physical world have significance and relationship to spiritual progress. What the key incident was telling me was there is a key to my greater expansion that I was missing. And that important key is right under my nose. I am searching my consciousness for the connection and will put that important information to work of furthering my expansion.

I’ll let you know what I find.