Thursday, November 16, 2017

Sympathy for God

There is a lot of talk on television about Evangelical Christian and their brand of God. This calls up a deep sympathy within me for God. There are so many versions of God that I’ve lost count. If all these versions of God are true to any extent; all who believe in God are screwed. Tied into this is the manner in which we allow God into our lives; and the impact that allowance has on how we do life.

In a class last night, we talked about how God is perceived; and the kind of God that serves our purposes. Some of the names for our conditional God were pretty funny, some dire. Whatever type God fits in for you is only a partial description of what God really is. What that is no one knows.

I have an idea that we ought to change the name God to something else; something less maligned and less feared. My chosen name is Gus. Gus never punishes. Gus is infinitely kind. Gus never grants wishes, hinders dreams, or keeps score. In other words Gus is nothing like Santa Clause. Gus, however, allows us to be exactly as we are; without judgment, criticism or praise. Gus can be anyone’s best friend.

Gus initiated the Universe as we know it, and is able to change even physics as we have it. But Gus is laid back and only acts for the benefit of the entire Universe. Don’t you just love my Gus? I do with all my heart.
Yes you can have God, I’ll keep Gus.

Monday, October 30, 2017


Affirmations that crossed my consciousness and was left behind after a season of use; sometimes come up and demand to be used again. One such affirmation I had gleaned from a book years and years ago; used to propel my expansion; and had totally forgotten. It bloomed in my mind this morning.

God loves me and cares for me and is giving me all good things.” It comforted me during a time of great financial upheaval and took me to a place of acceptance and grace. I thought I have moved beyond to a place where I did not have to focus on my material needs. But in climbing the spiral of growth, I am again in a place of financial upheaval. It is slower this time; not as abrupt as it was back at the end of the last century; but it is here nonetheless.

More than a year ago my car died a very natural death. I simply accepted that I could rely on others to transport me; and so far I get around to necessary places like the doctor, the store and church. Recently I have chafed at being housebound except for those times when loved ones help me out and take me places. I am no longer able to get up and go on a whim.

Thus when the forgotten affirmation cropped up, I knew that the situation to which it must be applied is to receive the ‘good thing’ of reliable transportation to support my whims.

I will keep you posted.

Sunday, October 29, 2017


"Somewhere inside of me is a great contentment, a feeling that everything has already fallen into place and the springing forth into physical manifestation is right around the corner.  It is a quiet sense of completion, a deep knowing that former things have passed away, and the world I occupy has already changed. This feeling does not point to one particular event, but a general, overall settling into a new mode of expressing."

The above quote is from a book I have been threatening to publish for years now. I was making the final editing pass before seeking a publisher when that paragraph leapt out at me. There is no chance or accident. I am at a point in my experience when there is a giant shifting in how I do life. That thought has been dancing at the periphery of my awareness for the past few days. The paragraph written so very long ago solidified the shift for me. telling me that I am climbing the spiral and am at the same vertical point I was then.

Experience recycles itself. If one is expanding, one encounters the same experience only on a different and higher plane than encountered before. I am experiencing a shift from a place in which I was rather comfortable into a different place not so familiar. 

That I think is a mark of continued growth.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

World Healing

The Whole of Spirit is the actor in the day I live today.  It is not that spectacular events occurred and everyone turned and said, 'here is a person through whom the Holy Spirit is acting'.  My ego would like that. There was a steady state of peace, a calm that was not disturbed by outer events and a growing awareness that life is beautiful and my being here on the surface of this planet is a vital part of that beauty. The thought that angels are watching over me is being impressed even more strongly on my awareness; that gives me a renewed sense of safety and strength. The small challenges that occur during any given day are placed in their eternal perspective almost immediately; that reinforces the idea of purpose and grace which is infusing my consciousness more and more everyday.

My guides are extremely active in my thoughts now, and it has been my experience that whenever that happens something is afoot.  At the end of 1991 the beginning of 1992 the same sort of energy was constantly with me. That was the time of what was called the 11:11 energy infusion on the planet. People from diverse stations in life were drawn into something bigger than themselves and partici­pated to one degree or another in aligning themselves to a finer energy that had been flowing, and still is. This energy has been gathering momentum and now there is to be another such alignment.  Events have been present to the collective mind to help many focus at particular times to establish the new orientation towards the life of spirit more firmly within the racial consciousness. 

May we all remember the grand tapestry of we are all threads. 

Monday, October 23, 2017

Commercial Wisdom

I often watch television, mostly sports. For years now, I have noticed how much the language of spirituality has crept into commercials for many different products. I had compiled a list when I first started noticing this phenomenon. Alas I don’t remember what I’d labeled the list and will not now search for it; simply because a fresh one has caught my eye. I now quote a part of that fresh new look at the wisdom hidden with my latest commercial.

 “…I am the end of your search… when you dream, you are dreaming of me…” from a car commercial as seen on TV.

When I think of spiritual activity within the affairs of humans one of the first words that comes to mind is Search. Some people aspiring to discover their connection to their innate divinity describe themselves as seekers; they are engaged in a search. The ultimate find in this search is a path that leads to intimate contact with the Divine within themselves. This culmination is the ‘of me’ part of the commercial.

“When you dream, you are dreaming of me.” The dream spoken of can be thought to be the yearning in every heart is for sustained contact with the Divine. Isn’t it grand that this yearning is identified and clarified as the divine self within each and every one of us. 

Whenever I see these snippets of wisdom during the course of a game I am watching; I am reminded of my purpose for being on the planet. Whatever the outcome of the game, whether my team wins or loses; I am uplifted by any commercial containing a pearl of wisdom.

The teachings are everywhere if we would only look.