Thursday, October 15, 2015

Healing Dreams

Dreams are important and we all have them whether we remember or not.  In dreams we  play, flirt, cavort, dance heal, teach, learn and generally have a good time.  In our dreams we expand into our greater selves and explore areas of experience we do not do in waking life. We know we are more than we appear in our flesh. Some of this more is explored in our dreams. 

When we allow ourselves to remember our dreams, we are adding to the totality of the information of our lives. Sometimes the dreams we have are portents of coming events, and serve as warnings to modify our behavior. Sometimes our dreams contain events we are not able to do in our daily lives. We are not constrained in our dreams, thus we are free to heal ourselves and any situation in our lives that need healing.

We may ask of our Higher Selves to reveal information in our dreams. And that will happen. We may also ask for guidance for decisions we have to make in our waking life. The dream world is of our own making as is our waking world. They are not asseparate as we think, but linked to support the whole persons we are.

If you have difficulty in remembering your dreams do one or all of the following. Drink a lot of fluids before going to bed. Your bladder will wake you up and your dream will be fresh in your mind. Keep a note pad next to your bed and write in it as soon as you awake. You will begin to remember more of your dreams as the process continues. Ask your Higher Self to help you remember your dreams. Dreams are important, use them.

I have learned much from my dreams.