Thursday, October 8, 2015


Humans have long thought themselves to be separate entities, living alone with their thoughts and feelings in their bodies. We have embraced a peculiar type of amnesia which denies who we are in the grand scheme of a Universe of love. Within this amnesiac state we ask are we alone in the Universe. Is this the only planet with sentient beings capable of creating the kind of civilization we have.

It is very necessary for us to be discreet individuals, so that we may understand that we are not separate form any life. There is only one life. We are simply a part of the Great Life everywhere in the Universe. Indeed, we are connected to the earthworm, the salamander, the giant sequoia, the ocean and each other.  What we do to anything living thing, we are in essence doing to ourselves. 

For a long time I have been working on being healed of the ages old sense of separation. This odd sense has fogged my vision, causing me to think that I am separate from my Creator God. When one lives within the fog of the dream, seeing the wonderful manifesta­tions of creation takes effort .  I am convinced such sight is available to everyone now at the cusp of the ages. Such a vision is a natural part of how we were created to perceive.  Because of our feelings of separation, we have to expend effort in order to even glimpse our Oneness.  The intent of the current transfor­mation, that humanity is experiencing, is to make the new type human able to see with the eyes of Spirit as the normal vision.

That is my strong belief.