Friday, October 23, 2015

The Force

A woman, weighing one hundred and ten pounds, lifts a car weighing several tons off the body of her child while being injured herself. That is an example of the Force at work in the human form. Before now, we used times of crisis to allow ourselves glimpses of this great and magnificent power. Now, we are at the critical point when we wish to consciously use this Force in our everyday lives. In other words, we are seeking the perfect alignment with our Greater Selves. We call this Oneness. One may think that being so powerful can be dangerous. If every human being on the planet suddenly had conscious access to the Force and Power havoc would be the order of the day. There are those who would kill, steal, maime and plunder if given conscious access to such power. Is it not best left in the hands of the invisible as we go about being human and limited? No can do.

Let us pause here and consider for a moment the content of the great power. It is composed of the purest love. It is everywhere present thus, it is not to be seen as something outside of ourselves to make demons of the not so godly, and saints of the godly. We use this Force every moment of our lives, albeit unconsciously. View is the defining factor.

The world seen from inside this Force is beautiful, giving and harmless. Viewed as separate from who we are, It can be believed to hold danger and harm. View, it is only the view that determines how this Force is experienced. Before now, most of us viewed our world in ignorance of the mighty Force within. Now we are being invited to see, know and use this great and kind Force in our daily lives to bring about that which we so ardently seek; to wit heaven on earth.
Wherever there has been an individual aligning, the brunt of the personality turns to harmlessness. The sense of connection with all of life is great heightened. The will becomes one of infinite good. Historically this alignment with the Force for good had been done by one or two individuals per age. The words of purity and innocence they taught to those around them have formed our sacred writings. Some have been worshiped as gods, their deeds placed outside the pale of the human experience.

Now is the cyclical point when we en mass will be aligned with the larger invisible portions of our own selves; the great Force for good in the Universe, our Higher Selves. This is our individual and collective destiny, no matter how lowly we may think we are.

The Force is you.