Tuesday, October 20, 2015

We Are One

Often I think about Oneness and all that word connotes. I wonder as I sit in my own skin how do I express that Oneness so that everyone sharing space may know that I know we are One. The coat of flesh we wear hid from out sight the connections we share. Today’s thought of oneness came with a song I first heard at the Olympics that was held in Atlanta in 1996. I remember crying tars of connection and joining. Watching the images on television as that song played, that moment held a purity and sacredness that is indescribable. I awoke with that song in my head this morning.

I contemplate our oneness, our ancient connection and I marvel that I can experience the songs of birds and feel the gentle breeze on my skin and still remain joined forever with the Great Whole I call God. I occupy space on this earth but that is merely a small portion of who I am. I am more. I am every You who read these words. I am the tree through which the wind blows and the ants crawling up the trunk of that tree. I am a part of everything and everything is a part of me. How loved that makes me and you.

I share that song of Oneness with you.