Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 A Year of Completion

Some numerology traditions state that nine is the number of completion. The sum of the year 2016 is nine, a completion. Last night as I was drifting off into sleep there was a flash saying the upcoming year is a year to finish what was started in 2007. Not to be overly dramatic, but we noticed our current president in 2007. That was the year hope became the word du jour for us. We celebrated hope and voted in a new president the following year. Now we are at the time of completion. What have we done in the intervening time?

In spite of all the negative dramas being played out on the world stage, we have grown. There is more love than was there before, because we have put it there. We placed more hope in the world, and humanity is the better for it. We grew our consciousness to become more inclusive and diminished the gap of separation. We are a better race than when we started this current cycle in 2007.

I just attended a ceremony where the elements of our lives that no longer serve us were named, written on paper and burned. A bonfire was lit outside to burn the elements that as a collective we wished to release. We are in the process of birthing a brand new world in which we are more free and whole than we were before we begun. We are completing a cycle. The beings that emerge from this grand transformative cycle with be more glorious, more gracious, more elegant than the ones who entered.

Welcome to 2016, I bequeath you LOVE.