Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Shift

I pay an inordinate attention to the movement of my physical structure. No, it is not an ego thing, but the manner in which I understand the movement of energy in the physical environment of which I am apart. So I noticed something shifting around mid afternoon today. I am not yet certain how that shift will play out in the coming days. That is the glory of living in a body.

As I entered the apartment from the mid week meditation, I could barely contain myself. I found myself pacing while waiting for the computer to start, jumping up and sitting down again; all within the span of a few minutes. Lately I have been rather sedentary sitting down or laying down every chance I get. Now I am bouncing off the walls. That is the immediate effect of the shift. It is glorious.

So know that the movement of spirit on planet earth is about to break out in all sorts of unprecedented ways. I am an open channel for this great transforming force and the activity has ramped up a notch. I know that the change we have been seeking lo these many years is here. We must acknowledge it. As we acknowledge this grand change, it becomes the world in which we live.

When asked to utter a prayer tonight at the meditation, the phrase kept repeating in my mind; “a wonderful world is bursting forth.” I did not say it out loud, but know it is the truth for all of us.

I am the channel through which this new world is made manifest.