Tuesday, December 22, 2015


My energy has been low for the past ten days or so. I ask myself am I depressed. I was not sure, but I had no thoughts. You know the type of thoughts that would suggest a depressed frame of mind. I simply lacked the energy to do simply task. I dragged myself to every commitment I had during that time; yet the low energy persisted. Try as I might, I could not dredge up enough energy to wash dishes, clothes, me... What was going on? I was curious. Observing me is my favorite activity, so I observed me for what seem like ten of the longest days I have lived.

I awoke this morning with bounding energy. What happened? There are several explanations for the sudden lifting of the pall. The first could be the season is changing, and I chose to diminish with the leaves. Or the infusion of cosmic energy is so strong; my frame had to be still to process the energy. The next could be the passing of the years had taken their toll and I needed extended rest.

The truth there is not physical cause. This is something that my soul is doing and do not want me to know just yet. Alright I could roll with that. The beauty is the me I enjoy being around is back and I am happy. 

May your bliss increase this and every day.