Sunday, December 20, 2015


There never was a time when we were separated from the God of Love who created us, out of the substance of love, to love us.
I must have written those words a million times, and I will write them a million more, until the truth of them leave my intellect and penetrate deep within every atom that forms my conscious­ness. Then I will live and move and have my being consciously within the warm embrace of that love. 

Every time I write about the connections of love that binds us all together as one body, I reinforce that thought form within my own consciousness and within the collective conscious­ness. Before the idea of phonics came into prominence, children were taught to read and write by constant repetition. There is a method to that particular madness, in that what we repeat becomes a part of who we are. Taking that tact, I am willing to spend the rest of this incarnation, and any other it may take, repeating that I have always been connected to the Source that created me

There is only one of us here.