Saturday, December 5, 2015


They were called to gather. Everyone felt the importance of the gathering. They had known it was coming but, now that the time had come, Mahela come not contain her excitement.  She had lived through the end of the age; at time she was sure she would see the transformation in the body she wore. The year was 2020 when she and the others were called to the first gathering. They came from farms, town, cities, islands and continents all five billion of them attended the gathering that day. The same excitement that gripped her now had gripped her them. She felt then and now that her body could not contain her.

She remembered with awe the story told by the Galactic Monitors as they prepared the five billion of the seven billion inhabitants to leave the earth. She had lived in her body for seventy-five years and thought her change would come through the death of her body. The last forty years of her life, leading up to the day they left, was filled with what she termed inner work. Learning to release the energies she had used to cause harm to herself and others; teaching those who would listen how to do the same. She had gathered day after day with those who were clearing and restructuring their energy in ceremonies and rituals to facilitate the clearing. She was content to go through the change called death. She was spared as were her fellow light workers from all over planet earth.

The Galactic Monitors had told them they would be taken to a place of balance where they would again work out a plan to build a harmonious society on earth. The two billion who had not cleared their energy, were to be taken to another abode, where they be given the opportunity to choose to clear their individual and collective energy. They would not be returning to the earth with her fellow travelers. Some from the cleared ones would be sent to them from time to time to assist them in understanding what needed to be done to clear their energy. It was very exciting. She volunteered to be one of those who went to assist her former planet mates in this wonderful enterprise. Over the millennia she had spent much time with the uncleared and watched with delight as they did the work of cleaning their own energy.

Now all around her the excitement rippled though the throng. Mahela felt the excitement and anticipation flow through her as ripples on a pond. She was happy to be returning. The work to be done would require all those present. The earth had restored herself and now they were to return and create the society of peace and harmony that the earth deserves. It was not the earth she left all those millennia go. That planet was ravished by the humans who lived on it. They had extracted her minerals, her nutrients and almost extracted her very soul. They had to be removed to give the earth time to heal and recover to be the rare beauty that she was. Now the cleared ones were returning.

Dancing and music and laughter rippled through the throng as the excitement of the return turned to action. Galactic Monitors opened the gate. The throng danced, sang and hugged one another as they made their way through the portal between worlds. The portal opened to the most wondrous sight Mahela had ever seen. The vista that greeted them was even more beautiful than they had anticipated. The blue green marble that was the earth was glistening in the warming rays from her star. They felt her welcome and breathed the pristine air she had restored. Mahela almost burst through her skin with the joy of being on earth again. Together the earth and her children rejoiced as she welcomed them home.