Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Worth of A Soul

The line from the famous Christmas Carol, “…and the soul felt its worth.” on that Holy Night, caught my attention. What is the worth of a soul is asked myself. Is it measured in gold, silver, stocks, bonds, money, what?  Does the soul have a price? If it does, what could that price be? The teaching of Christianity says it is bought by the ‘blood of Jesus’. Other religions say it can be bought with good works. Still others claim there is no such thing as a soul if you do not count Motown. Really what is the worth of a soul?

I am of the opinion that souls are priceless. A soul is not a thing; but the composite of the experiential energies accrued by the individual within that soul through its many journeys. Our souls hold sacred the spark of Divinity and we build our lives around it. Souls are vibrant organic entities expressing as you and me. We are souls and cannot be bought or sold.

We are priceless souls.