Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Paying Dues

It is held, all that is necessary for one to achieve in any area, is to allow the particular area to flow out of the Divinity within. The social consciousness says otherwise. It says one must learn skills; one must study for long years; one must work and pay dues in order to achieve. We applaud talent; but dare the talented to step out of the shower and display that talent without years of hard practice. We would call that person a freak, an aberration and proceed to mistrust the talent. But if she came to prominence after many showers and much practicing in obscure places and quite a bit of suffering; then we would say “what a talented person, and she did not rely on talent alone, but earned the right to be admired.” What utter nonsense. Yet we do it every day.

That is another pocket of false belief we must erase from the social consciousness if humanity is to be truly free. We must be willing to allow our innate abilities to surface; give ourselves permission to use those abilities immediately and progress as a specie. The long years of paying dues and practice are just another ploy to hold ourselves in the limitations fostered by the social consciousness.

As I was thinking about paying dues, and how I was unconsciously living out the premise of that belief; I made a pact with myself to give myself permission to pay no more dues. Now that may not play everywhere; but the walk must match the talk or else the talk is simply theory. Theories are important and necessary. Without them we would have no plan to follow. There comes a time, however, when theories must be implemented in the crucible of experience. I am, and have been, speaking of effortless existence. It is scorned by the social consciousness.

Expending great effort is one of the fences built to keep us bound in the earth sleep. Don’t get me wrong; effortless is not meant to be 'no work'. Work’s function is joy; never to prove the value of any talent, gift or proclivity. Merely to function in joy is a concept not much welcomed by most of us. It negates the pain factor; by which we claim to know we are alive. True aliveness is a constant state of unalloyed joy. 

When we learn this we will give up the dues theory, and the pain factor, for the bliss offered by the state of joy.