Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Creative Force

I want to talk about “God.” The documentation we, here in western society, have on the God question comes to us through the three Abrahamic religions. In the United States the Christian religion is the one preferred. All of them give God a bad rap. First god has been defined as male. Then he was given human tendencies. He is angry, vengeful, forgiving, loving, peaceful, destructive, punitive, beneficent, hateful, wrathful, spiteful, selective, and exclusive; plus every other tendency humans express one toward another. Thus most of us have a love hate relationship with god. That is only natural; we have abusive relationships with ourselves.

Here’s the truth. There is no such god. God is neither male nor female. God is force. God is power. God is energy. God is creative. God is all encompassing. God is everywhere present. God is the very fabric of our lives and more beside. God is universal mind and the substance of everything. Most God is the purest love there is.

When we walk a sacred path, we begin to wonder about the beauty of an ant, the joy displayed by butterflies and the love in a baby’s eyes. All of this is but a fraction of the many facet God brings to our senses. We know within the deepest recesses of our beings that indeed if there is a God we are it. This realization calls from within us worship of the truest kind.

Within the text of the three religions mentioned are passages of pure beauty describing attributes of God. We can learn from these; we can use them to ponder our divinity. We can meditate using them as mantras. What we cannot do for an instant is to mistake these attributes as the only representative of what God is. Every breath we take is evidence that God exists and has always existed. We exist and always existed.

That is all the God we need.