Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Darkness Within The Light

Within every bright and shining Light there is darkness. As the Light beams in for the first time the eyes are momentarily blinded, causing darkness to appear as the initial manifestation of light. The eyes, whether physical or spiritual, must adjust themselves before they can encompass any new light and see what is revealed by the Light for them to see.  When one enters a room that was darkened, and turns on a light, the eyes are shocked into closing, or there is discom­fort, but as the eyes slow­ly adjust to the new level of Light they become comfortable and are able to discern the various shapes within the room. This analogy is also applicable to the Spiritual eyes and the Supernal Light we call The Creator God.

Naturally it is not possible to see the Light upon a particu­lar level if one is not present on that level. The analogy of the lighted room is a good one; thus will be used to illustrate what that statement means. If there is a room containing bright light, and the rest of the house is unlight­ed, everyone in the room where the light is shining has access to the light and is able to see the furnishings within that room.  A person standing in another room would be in darkness.  But if such a person were to leave the lightless room and enter the room with light, they would be able to make use of the light, to read, dress, or do any number of activities only possible within a lighted room.  Because the person is leaving a space where the Light was not bright, when they entered the brightly lit room they would have to adjust the eyes to the new light.  Thus there is always darkness at the initial contact with light.

Continuing with the room analogy, as long as this person remained within the room without light, they would be unaware of the benefits that a lighted room could offer.  Let us stretch our imagination a little further, and suppose that this person had never encountered light, they would not know they were capable of seeing. They might even suppose them­selves to be blind; unable to perceive the shapes and colors of a lighted room. Upon introduction to the room of light; they may be startled, and even unwilling to admit that the light now streaming in on their eyes was real. To such a one darkness was the only reality; light is the unreality; that quality to which they have no evidence even exists. 

Let us further suppose that the room was not entirely darkened, but that it had little holes leading from the light­ed room; that this darkened room was filled with people who were only able to perceive the shapes and colors on which the small light from the holes shone.  Everyone in the darkened room would think they could see only to the extent that the light from the holes penetrated their particular seg­ment of the room; illuminating objects within their sphere of influence. Their perception of the small areas of light would be appear to be the whole truth concerning light.  Whatever was within the small spaces of the light streaming in from the holes would be the extent of their world; everything outside would be considered shadows, or unreal. Thus the periphery of understanding and enlightenment would be the fading edges of the small light.  Now when one leaves this room for the room where the whole light is shining the entirety of a larger concept beams in on who they are; they may even be over­whelmed by so much light. It is only natural for one living within the confines of limited light, to presume that there is no more to the light than they have seen.

This is more than an analogy, it is a metaphor for the way we see upon this earth. We are in the darkened room, with the little holes streaming the Great Light of our Source in on us. The very limita­tion of the size of those holes constrict the light we may experience. There are some who are within the proximity of such holes, and appear to us to be very illumi­nated. There are those who are in positions where they may perceive light from more than one hole, they appear to be brilliant in their assessments of the light to the rest of us. There are those who are so far from the wall where the holes are; they perceive no light at all. These may be said to be living in complete darkness.  To those who perceive the light as coming from a source elsewhere leave for the lighted room two events occur. The first event is that whatever they were blocking may now be seen. Thus others begin to receive more of the available illumination. The second event is their own intro­duction to the greater light in the next room. This in turn causes them to see more clearly the world in which they have existence. 

This shifting from near complete darkness into light is in full swing on this planet now.  The events caused by this shift seems to be one type of upheaval or another; but the calm is close at hand.  Everyone is invited to enter the light and experience the safety and love the Universe is even now pouring out on this planet. As more of us begin to see clearly, more of us are able to see; thus the light spreads

  I for one am grateful this is so.