Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Ego's Wyles

This imprisoning social consciousness has an ally within our individual beings; it is loosely called the ego. This ego which is our very own enemy would not have us see the truth of the Universe. The ego believes for us to see the truth would rob it of its power. In that it is very mistaken; it has no power to wield except the power and might we give it. The mistake, that was made, is to believe that this power is separate from us, and must be exercised over something or someone outside of ourselves. The truth is that this power is ourselves; it is meant to create grander and grander constructs in the name of love. In the earth sleep, we do not quite know what this is; yet the strains of this love seep into the sleep and we feel its power and want more. We translate this to mean things and the people around us; that we think testifies to our being valuable and loved. The truth is, we are very valuable parts of the Whole Being we call God. It may surprise us to know that without even the least of us, God would not be God. No part may be absent from the whole and the whole remain; it would then be fragmented. That is not possible as God is complete. 

The small acts of sabotage the ego performs, on behalf of the social consciousness, must be recognized and eliminated for the process of awakening to be completed. The delaying tactics, at which the ego is so adroit, must be thwarted at the pass. How this is done differs from individual to individual. All must take the measures suited to the personality to transcend the wiles of the ego. 

For me this takes vigilance to ensure that the time spent alone with the inner light occurs. It is amazing how wily the ego can be in interrupt­ing this process. It brings to mind a myriad and one things that need to be in place before the inner process can begin. It stresses the shortness of time before important outer matters must be attended; therefore there is really no time for this inward look. On and on it prates, parading for my attention every small and great matter that concerns my well being and which need immediate attention. Asking for the time to spent facing inward to be postponed. It never says to me, 'you must not do this, you must not look within'.  No it is too smart for such an outright assault. What it does instead, is to throw diversions before my awareness and point me in the area of staying within the comfort zones of the social consciousness of which I am aware.
The inner being, the Christ within, is calling in a soft voice for me to turn within. This call is always being issued. To heed the gentleness of this voice is to give strength to the entire truth of my being. The beautiful thing is, whenever attention is given to this voice for peace and joy, the ego gets all it thinks it wants. The love it is seeking outside of Self is lavishly bestowed. The peace it believes can only come with specific circumstances and events showers in on it. It is allowed to bask in the peace which passes all understanding. It likes what it receives when the inward look is sustained, but because all is not yet surrendered; the unregenerated portions of the ego still lay claim to the outside as holding the satisfaction it desires. Thankfully, the surrendering process is bringing more and more of the ego into the dawning light of Oneness. As more light comes and the healing is done, there is the radiating light, from the Christ, to call the hold outs into wholeness.

I am grateful.