Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Spreading Light

The Universe loves me as a vital part of Itself. That is not a statement any ego can make, but the truth about each soul on the planet at this time. Today at church I was privileged to spend time in the presence of two Indigo children. My energy soared and now I can hardly sit still; the exchange was so vibrant and invigorating. I am so honored to share space on the same planet with those who are coming to change the trajectory of the prevailing consciousness we have here on the planet. And it is changing.

Yesterday I saw a program on the television saying how the city of Los Angeles had a spiritual ceremony once a year to bury the ashes of the bodies of those who were not claimed and had to be dispose of by the city. Because we have become so fragmented in our relationship with one another, some of us die with no other human to miss their presence. Collectively, the city of Los Angles stepped up and claim those bodies as belonging to a fellow member of the human race, and do for them what humans have been doing for those who depart for a long time. This is proof to me that we are changing and becoming more humane in spite of the news and the outlandish antics of those who make the news.

Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, the light is spreading.