Monday, February 15, 2016


I embrace the sense of separation found within me; the one which says there is lack in my experience. I see how this idea has shaped the life I’m living at this moment. I find myself muddling through each month running out of money before the month runs out. I know this would not be in my experience if, on levels I have not yet probed, there is the belief that there is a limit to the amount of money I can handle.

I have looked at this appearance long and hard over the years and the situation has not changed in any perceptible manner. The level of acceptance of doing without has become more than a habit with me; it is the way I view my world. I openly acknowledge that I am one with all of life; however, when it comes to money I stand a little apart. Yesterday before going to church, I owned up to that belief with tears; as I viewed the financial obligations still outstanding and the balance in my bank account. Those obligations and that balance left little or no discretionary funds. I was in despair and wept.

I cried aloud to my soul to assist me in purging myself of this false belief; felt relief on an emotional level, and went to church with my usual enthusiasm. After the service I received the first of three answers. My beloved friend Shala gave me a gift of tamales which she made herself and knew I loved along with chocolate. Answer number one. My eighty year old friend Margaret threw a Valentine’s Day party I attended after church. She had a gift for me from Christmas. Answer number two. I returned home late for me. My upstairs neighbor was waving and signally to me as I parked the car. She ran downstairs and handed me a cup cake in honor of the day. Answer number three.

I could not ask more of the Universe that my question was answered and that indeed I am connected to everything including money. During the service I wrote on the yellow brick card handed out for individual affirmations of the connection to life. Here’s what I wrote:

I am whole. I an connected to abundance. I am the expression of infinite abundance. I am that.