Thursday, February 25, 2016


Returning to the process, I encountered the below paragraph while editing the manuscript for A Second Slice. I thought it most appropriate for today's offering. 
When we attain the critical mass of those who answer the call and are consciously returning home; the entire population of the planet will vibrate to the resonance of the call. The Transformation, which is now a hope, will become the reality of this planet. I firmly believe that the moment is not too far away. I feel such a stirring within my own being; there are times when the excitement of the accelerated movement toward the light is so strong; I can hardly contain myself. I want to sing, dance, shout, laugh, cry, holler, prance and general express the most sublime exuberance I have every expressed. We are going home! The echo is heard to the outermost reaches of planet earth; all life on this planet is in a state of joy. Humanity holds the key to this grand moment. We are the keepers of the flame of transcen­dence entrusted to us at creation. The rest of the life forms on this planet watches and waits for us to awaken, so they too may transcend their current status and become more than we ever dreamed possible. 

Please wake up!