Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I awoke this morning with a song on my mind. It is a song from my youth and sounded like a song of co-dependency. I needed lyrics to spoke of my connections to the Universe. I should change the tune or rearrange the words.  As I started to change the tune, I looked closely at the words. They could be from little self to greater self, if I wanted them to be. I examined them and sure enough they could be a song of oneness and not one of dysfunction. 

The opening words are: “Take me in your arms and never let me go.” I was reminded that needing to be closer to my higher self is what this journey is all about. I understood the way to Oneness in consciousness is acknowledging the perceived separation on this third dimensional plane. Asking of my higher self, my holy nature, to be loved is one place to start. The song did not have to refer to love making as it is understood by my physical self. It could mean a deepening of my relationship with All That Is; and a fresher understanding of my Greater Self. 

I found a version of the song by an artist I had never heard of here.

Today I allow myself to experience the Love being given me in every moment.