Sunday, May 22, 2016

I Know All These Things

Venus and Serene Williams
I know from the teachings that to change one must be willing to change. I know that changing includes breaking old patterns and starting new ones. I know what the stillness feels like. Yet this morning it was extremely difficult to not turn to the tennis channel. The French opens today. It is my first challenge on changing the old pattern. I also know that television repeats but some of my favorite players may even now be on court; their actions available on the tennis channel. I have resisted so far. It may not seem difficult and would not even been an option several years ago when most of my waking moments were spent in meditation and spiritual pursuits. Today, however it is a challenge; how the mighty have fallen?

I own all of it, and will watch with a clearer conscience later in the day when the Tennis channel replays the entire day at Roland Garros. I sit here and the purpose for this mighty effort to change my pattern begins now. My thoughts want to see, even for just a minute what is happen on the tennis courts in Paris. My guides just reminded me that I could record the entire day’s offering as I focus on changing the pattern. After all this is a relative new pattern considering all the years I devoted to the pursuit of the inner being with.

I sit at the center of myself and know that I know all these things. Beginning now, I put into practice all that I know and see where it leads.

I am grateful for the opportunity to begin anew!