Thursday, June 9, 2016

Now I Am

Now holds up to my awareness joy, beauty, peace, harmony and love; it is the perfect picture of me, my very self. Now calls from within me; its voice of peace biding me to see love as the reason for my being. Now holds the sounds of laughter and the songs of children together in its embrace; willing me to love. Now is the instant of complete satisfaction; the total rest in which there are no needs, no wants, and no empty spaces. Now expands upon itself and I am linked forever with eternity. Now my body revises itself; fulfills its plan as health and wholeness. The template of its original design merges with my body; and deep within each atom, perfection is caused to swirl to the surface and reveal its light. Now the clock measures the heartbeat of peace with every tick and the echoing tock speaks back a grand new harmony.

Over the eons I’ve accrued misconceptions and layered them one by one upon my individual being; the moment, the ocean of conscious love and my own oneness are all working together to gently dissolve each layer. The energy from this dissolution becoming my power to transform. The moment releases from within my deepest mind the figments of my imagination shielding the truth from my knowing. Fear is only a thought; it holds no possibility within the moment. I contain myself as love; and the song of my moment touches crescendo and surpasses it. I am enveloped within the song of this moment and know I am free. I speak of the moment and the conscious ocean of love as if they were separate. That is the way of words, to separate. The moment and the conscious ocean of love are forever joined; and I am what they are.

There is a rhythm and a beat in which I express as the moment. This rhythm is a part of every sound and yet is its own sound. It fills my being, swell beyond the confines of my finite awareness to the vast reaches of eternity; holding my being in Oneness with the ocean, the moment, the fading sunset and the fruit fly. The rhythm speaks the eternal Word and becomes my flesh. It is the force that holds my flesh in form; yet deep within the fleshly atoms strums the sound of love. The Universe forms itself at the behest of the mighty sound and cave birds chirp in wondrous response ringing along the wires of our connections as light.

I am now!