Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Power ofTwelve

The number twelve has tremendous power and meaning for the human race. It is the number of the dimension through which the human being must travel to fully integrate the divine aspect of self with the human aspect of the one self. When the Arabic numeral for that power is displayed; it is a design that triggers spark of the light within the human DNA to shine. Thoughts of twelve also trigger the light; this reminds us that we are beings of light. The significance of this primal number has been given to us throughout our history. We engrave our cultural stories with the number twelve and our great heroes are somehow associated with the great number.

To understand the importance of the number twelve is to go a long way toward understanding the enormous power we have to transform ourselves and our world. To help us we have made the symbol for that transformation an integral part of our everyday culture. There are twenty-four hours in our day; twice twelve. Jesus had twelve disciples. One plus two (12) equals three the dimension in which we have our physical existence. We have twelve months to our year. We have named every transformative program dealing with the human psyche a twelve step program. We are enamored by the number twelve. We notice it on our LED clocks and note that we’ve noticed it.

We are in the very midst a new global consciousness. The number twelve is there to reminder that there is more to us than meets the eye. The next time you notice the number twelve displayed anywhere, remind yourself to glow a little brighter. A switch has been thrown within you and a new bulb is turned on. This grand lighting will cause this sector of the Universe to light up and us to soar.

Let the light…