Monday, June 6, 2016

We Are More

“Our brains are not designed for reality,” a quote from Scott Adams the creator of the Dilbert comic strips. I was watching a YouTube conversation because it was in one of the box below the funny video I’d started. The simple sentence caught me in my attention and caused me to pause and think. What is reality and why are our brains not designed to handle it?

After a few days of pondering the quandary the statement poses without overtly thinking about it; I came up with some thoughts of my own. You know how metaphysics states that the world we live in with our bodies is an Illusion? Well it is and our brains are designed to navigate the illusion. That is the purpose of our brains; navigating the world of matter and illusion. So where is the instrument for navigating reality?

Another bright thought led me to conclude it is our spirits. Our spiritual eyes see reality and our souls live within that reality every day of physical lives. Living within the illusion that we are little bodies roaming on a planet with perils is right and proper for our brains to guide us. It is perfectly good to follow the dictates from our brains while we are within the body. It is also perfectly good to follow the nudges we get from our spirits and allow those nudges to guide us on our eternal journey.

You see we are more than our bodies; more than the thoughts emanating from brains; more than any goals we achieve; more than any physical accomplishments we may have; we are more. We are Divine beings having an adventure upon this physical plane. Our destiny is eternal because we are immortal beings. Our brains are for this reality but our spirits are for all eternity.