Monday, August 29, 2016

A real short story

He never spoke a word. From the day he was born, he never spoke one single word. He was tested and proved not to be deaf. He simply did not speak. Laughter was the only sounds he would utter. He laughed at almost every opportunity. He laughed when he heard birds singing, when the wind rustled among the trees, whenever he saw a butterfly he would double over with the purest laughter until tears flowed from his beautiful brown eyes.

His parents defended him with all their might when friends and relatives suggested somehow something was wrong with him. They would point out that he had an extremely high IQ, his scores were perfect on all the tests given him by teachers and psychiatrists; he did all the work given him in school flawlessly. He would communicate everything by writing, and started doing this at the age of eighteen months.

He was tall for his age, standing at five feet seven inches and he was only six years old. His curly black hair was allowed to grow and mopped his face making his clear brown skin glow in response. His face was pleasant and his smile endearing. He was a joy to be around although he did not speak words.

One day his beautiful child wrote a note to his father. It read, I want to go where people shoot guns, the message read. Why, his father asked.

“I must stop the guns, it is my duty.”

“How will you stop the guns?’

“I do not know but when I get to the place where people shoot guns they will stop.”

His father had grown to trust that his wonder child knew what he was doing; so he took him to a very large gun range. People were everywhere inside the gun range and many of them was shooting at targets floating through the space in the stalls. As soon as the pair entered the room, before anyone could say anything, all the guns stopped firing. Panic ensued as the son and his father walked out of the building. No guns were ever fired in that range to this day. They made several more stops and everywhere they went, the guns refused to be fired.

His father decided that they needed to go where the truly big guns were. So they went to war zones, military bases, police stations, missile silos and stopped all the guns from firing. After a short while there no guns on earth that would fire.

What if this happened?