Tuesday, December 13, 2016


There are always many streams leading to the river we know as our lives. Some of these streams go unnoticed for parts of our lives; some are so evident that we simply accept them as how things are. Others are so subtle we never know they are there. They all go to inform how we live and how we perceive the world. We seem to live in turbulent times. Turbulence is one of the hallmarks of the end of every era. Energies that appear divergent need to come into balance for the new era to begin. There is much balancing to be done to close out the current era. We are perfectly capable of doing all of that work. We have capacities which we have not yet explored. Once explored, these capacities will give us the knowledge and the strength to accomplish that which only we can accomplish. As I sit in my skin, I know every reader is answering the call to transform our world. If you, dear reader, was not among the honored transformers you would not be reading these words.

As a specie we are destined to rise into a new current of consciousness. The rub is we have to create that new current. We do this by choosing our thoughts, our feelings and how we respond to the events in our lives. As we choose the peaceful, the inspiring, the uplifting and the absolutely new; we begin to create and expand the new current we are to ride. This current will take us to the places we’ve only dreamed of visiting. This will be no mere visit however but out ultimate dwelling place for this stint of our ongoing progression. It is delightful and compared to how we live now; we would have created paradise. As we move forward from our present moment, we are setting the stage for the grand transition we are making.

Let us do this with love, for self, for neighbor and ultimately for our glorious and gracious planet.