Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Rocking Chair Part 4

This man who had walked into her yard and life less than two hours previously suggested he would leave and the thought saddened her. Now though she had progressed and although he would be missed should he go, she would not be sad.
He had stayed and within days became a part of the household and its functions. Aama talked with Evelyn daily, telling her all she needed to know and answering her questions. Her garden flourished under his careful tending. The tomatoes were the reddest Evelyn had ever seen; the peas were sturdy and inviting with leaves so brilliantly green as to defy description. Every day Evelyn read from the book, sometimes rereading for the sake of understanding. In the evenings they would sit, he on the floor and she in the rocking chair and discuss everything.
The baby girl stirred; Evelyn again reached out and patted her back to sleep. How peaceful, the thought words again formed in her mind.  
Their physical love and come later and whet it did Evelyn was unprepared for it’s impact upon her emotions. She knew she loved him. She had known this from his second day with her. She had enjoyed physical satisfaction with previous lovers; so that was something she understood. But the feelings she experienced transcended anything she had ever felt before. She felt he had not only entered her body but had found a way to become a part of her and her him. This she had known how love making should be. It had never diminished.