Thursday, March 2, 2017


As a young person, I attended a religious camp in the hills of Manchester, Jamaica. Each night we would end our day with a ritual called an epilogue. This consisted of a short inspirational talk and prayers. This had a profound effect upon our sleep we were calmed by it and rested securely in our cots; knowing all was right in our worlds. This is an epilogue not in the literary sense, but in a spiritual one. It includes inspirational words and a prayer. It is not meant to lull us to sleep but awaken us. The prayer is for continued awakening and expansion into the glory of ourselves. 

As we awaken, we begin to know the truth about ourselves. We are the power and glory of a loving Universe unfolding itself in peace, even as we unfold and expand. We are here to bring a light shines from within our very flesh and illuminates the Universe. Indeed, we are the illuminators of this world. We are the bringers of light; a light we have craftily hidden within ourselves, even from our work-a-day selves. Now it the optimum moment to allow ourselves to be Ourselves and let out light shine.

Let the light shine from now on.