Thursday, November 19, 2015


Before the incident aka cancer there was a special gathering for meditation at Unity. We were given cards spread across the floor and asked to contemplate the word written on the faced down paper. This exercise was repeated a few times and on the last time we were encouraged to keep the paper with the last word we had chosen. The word on that final piece of paper I took home in my purse. I thought about it for a few days afterwards and didn’t think about much after that.

I keep my purse in the upturned lid of a large basket beside my couch. The paper must have fallen out somehow and remained there all this time. There are several bits of paper under the purse and sometimes I go through them to decide what to discard. I had not noticed the paper until today. As I laid my purse down, I picked up the paper and the word written on it leaped out and grabbed my heart and held on. The word was VITALITY.
Today I affirm that I am vitality itself. I exude vitality with a new vibrancy than before. Today I acknowledge that I am a vital part of humanity and give all of my innate vital light to my world. The vibrancy of my vitality resounds around the world and we are a little more enlivened and peaceful.

I am thankful for my VITALITY.