Wednesday, March 2, 2016


There is no separation within the body of humanity. We are connected by the force that caused us to be here on planet earth. Often, we think that our individual thoughts and feelings are of no moment to the broader sweeping events that is the world at large. But nay, that is not the absolute truth. The absolute truth is that the secret fears and hopes, an individual hold within their being, are out pictured in the broader world for us to see and correct or enhance; depending on whether or it not that picture is serving the greater good.

Those thoughts were spurred by watching the politics of last evening. Many people had a lot to say about the portent of the events when Americans went to the polls and voted. Those are simply opinions. The efficacy of the predictions remains in the thoughts held by individuals within the populace. It has always been so. Thus, if it is peace we desire, then we must hold thoughts of peace. If it is conflict we desire then we are free to lend our considerable energy to the forces of conflict.

The world is calling out to us to improve the condition of the earth, her inhabitants and ourselves. This we can do as creative beings by giving our attention to thoughts and feelings of peace, harmony, joy, pleasure and most of all love. When we harbor thoughts along those lines, we are enhancing the lives of everyone on earth and the earth itself.

Today, I pursue peace; it comes to me and the collective on wings of hope.