Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Sometimes, the true purpose of events often are not known while the events are occurring.  Maturity brings as its very special gift a wider vision of events. This wider vision shows an inkling of the forces behind any particular event and the intentions those forces bring to bear on it. It is my strong belief that all occurrences happen at the behest of love. Every event in our lives is there is to show yet another face of love, which is all there is in the entire universe.  Now the universe is a big place.  

Why only last week it was announced that another galaxy has been observed by the folks here on earth. They like to use the word 'discover', but that is not the truth. The galaxy was there whether or not humans knew of its existence. Thus the first observation of any phenomena may not be termed a discovery. Another of my pet peeves. But why this recent trip down memory lane. There must be something there for me to know. Something not "discovered" at the first blush with the experience. Traveling into my memories always have a purpose. 

All of that has led me to my specific purpose at this time. Why does it seem there is an interminable delay in the work I have to do. Opportunities come in many guises, and sometimes I think that I have missed an opportunity or two. Perhaps that is why my guides have waltzed me down the train of my memories. This recalling dance has allowed me to see the opportunities I may have allowed to pass by while I was focused on some other dream.  Or maybe not. Perhaps it is just to see that all is divinely ordered, and there are always other openings to do and be whatever it is I dream of doing and being.   

The work of taking the light into the darkened places of the social consciousness does not always appear the way I think it is supposed to appear. To me, it almost always involved sharing The Teachings with others. Being open to be an instrument for this great light to flow is all that is necessary. I know that my willingness leads invariable to my presence being an influence for the spreading of the light.  But sometimes I forget. A light does not walk into a darkened room and leave the darkness in tact.  The darkness is banished the instant a light appears.  So it is with the everyday, mundane activities I perform. I do not always remember that, and am still waiting for the work to begin. 

In the meanwhile I write these post everyday.