Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Presence

There are times when the Presence of God in and around me, is very strong. Those are the times when I am very sure of my connections with all that is. Then I look away from that Presence, in a brief moment of following a stray thought, and the brilliance of the Presence dims ever so slightly. If I continue to pursue the thought, it leads to conjurings of past or future activities and the awareness dims even further. That is how the darkness begun for all of us. We took our attention from the Source of our beings, and placed it on that which we, in our great creativity, had made; thus dimming our percep­tions of that Source to almost total darkness. The glory, might and majesty of the all of creating Source is still there, it never left us. We lost sight of who and what It is, leaving ourselves to sleep in a dream of evil and malcon­tent. Because we are loved, and because we are a part of the living God, atoms within the body of God, we cannot be lost. We may dream of being lost, but dreams vanish as soon as wakefulness appears.

We are being called to wakefulness. This wakefulness will restore to us the full memory of who we are. I can almost hear the peels of holy laughter we will issue, as we dimly remember the confusion and horror we dreamed we were in. The peace which attends even the small turnings we make now will swell into the peace which passes all understanding. We will know ourselves as the bright beings created to take the light of love to planet earth. We will see with eyes unclouded by thoughts of evil and sin; and know that forever we were the innocent children of a most loving Creator, willing to allow us even the awful dreams we are currently having.

Awakening is a choice we can make at any moment.