Friday, January 15, 2016


As I am working to put the finishing touches on A Second Slice, the next book due out this Spring, I have been visiting parts of its precursor Slices. The following jumped out at me as a measure of how I have grown in my understanding since I wrote that volume.

“There is a saying about truth, which is oft repeated by the purveyors of psycho-babble that is cogent here. It is –' truth is not truth until it becomes your truth'. Nuggets come through all kinds of channels and that is a nugget. It is my truth when it becomes a part of my living consciousness; informing all my actions and my reactions; whether I utter it or not. That is the manifestation metaphysicians prate on about all the time. To say then God is good and good is health is only using words, until my body demonstrates total health. By and large, that is so, but the totality of the statement is not yet true in my experience. I have headaches, not frequently, but I have them. (Recently I experienced a bout of cancer and had to get surgery and treatments to end it.)

“So why am I resisting the idea that health is the God I am seeking, or wealth, or success, or freedom, or any other measurable, tangible experience. That is a question which must be settled in order for me to move beyond this point in consciousness into the next level of awareness. I have embraced the idea of God being bigger than anything I could want. It is quite easy for me to accept that God is within everything. Yet some of my seeking has not been satisfied with that acceptance. The very next step in this line of reasoning is to accept that whatever I am seeking is God. God is indeed bigger than Its creation, but the forms themselves are God; being part of the Infinite that is God. That concept has not yet permeated the totality of my consciousness. The resistance I am experiencing comes from the part of me which embraces the belief that humans are worms of the earth needing redemption.

“As we all remember who we are, we are instantly redeemed.