Thursday, January 14, 2016

Stuart Scott

Last night I dreamt about Stuart Scott from ESPN the Boo-Yah man. That’s how I think of him. He passed away a year ago from recurring cancer. In the dream he was emceeing an event it was not clear what the event was for, but I was somehow on the program. My Aunt Enid, long gone, was there along with a singer I had heard when she was just a girl. An incident in the dream woke me up and I started to pray the Great Invocation… “From the point of light...”

The incident which woke me up was a fight outside of the place where we were. A well dressed man was beating a young man who was lying on the ground. A great crowd had gathered and someone was trying to keep us inside the building by placing a chair under the door knob. We, Aunt Enid and I, forced the door open. I shouted to the man “stop” and he stopped. Another man picked up the young man who looked like a rag doll. After repeating the Great Invocation a couple more time, I began to think about the significance of the dream.

I do not normally have violent dreams. The presence of two very disparate persons, my Aunt Enid and the sportscaster, was puzzling. I could not figure it out. So I went back to sleep. This morning as I was sitting down the catch phrase Scott used when something fantastic happened in a game burst out from me. Boo-Yah, I said. That was the purpose of the dream; something fantastic is happening. 

Because I tend to equate every incident, occurrence or event with Divine Intervention; I know that Boo-yah is signalling a drawing closer to the Grand Awakening Humanity is making. Being awakened from the dream with a start was my clue to remember the dream and seek its import. I am grateful for the reminder.

We are the ever expanding Point of Light.