Thursday, March 3, 2016

Growing Ignorance

The idea that as specie we are growing ignorance dawned on me when I saw a clip of a man explaining how he had failed to correct the record concerning Down syndrome. When he overheard someone spill misinformation about it, he said nothing. In that manner he said “I let ignorance grow.” 

That was profound and insightful to me. In what ways I allow ignorance grow because I did not want to cause a ripple in the social contract? How many times have I held a comment that would have brought light to those around me? Because I claim to be an ambassador of light; it is a sacred part of my journey to stem the growth of ignorance wherever I encounter it. That is one of the solemn duties we undertook when we incarnated into this age of growing awareness.

The magnificence of the human being must be help up as a signal to ignorance that its reign of darkness upon our kind is ending. I know there are great examples of ignorance on parade every day, especially on the internet. That must not daunt us. We must stand as a force for light and knowledge and shine away the dark bondage of ignorance.

 Today, we must impede the advance of ignorance even a little bit.