Monday, April 18, 2016

Farewell Sallye Nagley

I just returned home from the ceremony honoring the life of Sallye Nagley, who left this plane April 6th of this year. I did not know Sallye very well. Although I have been seeing her over the years and was warmly greeted by her when we met in the aisle before and after the services we attended; I did not take the time to get to know her. That is my loss. We would hug and exchange pleasantries whenever we were face to face; that was the extent of our relationship.

Everyone who spoke at her ceremony mentioned her questing mind and avid dedication to clarity. I would have loved to participate in conversations with her outside the mundane themes of how are you and have a wonderful day. Again it is my loss. As I listened to the songs she chose for her ceremony, I noted that we were both rooted in the Christian Church. Although her music choice would not have been mine, it is to be said that they expressed sentiment I hold from my days within the Christian Church.

As the ceremony proceeded a large and colorful monarch butterfly buzzed the crowd. Some of those present noted that there was Sallye letting us know that she is indeed transformed. The day was so beautiful with not a single cloud in the sky. From the comments of those who knew her well that was a fitting indication of the woman she was when in the body. I am very grateful to have been in her presence even though that contact was casual. 

Farewell is contracted from the noble phrase “Farewell Thee Well.” So I say to you, Sallye Nagley, 'farewell thee well'; you are now among the choirs of angles watching over the earth. I request that you spare an eye for me too.