Sunday, February 5, 2017

Surges of Energy

I get surges of energy that flow through my body with a buzzing sound. This phenomenon started a long time ago and has been a staple in my spiritual awareness ever since. These surges are especially strong, and the buzzing often accompanied with a popping sound when there are barometric changes in the area. They are usually registered when I am awake. Last night was different.

Last night I dreamt I was with a group of people and had two giant noticeable surges. Because this was a particularly lucid dream I felt it in two realms, the sleeping and waking. In the dream world I was with a group similar to a growing circle. We were sharing spiritual feelings when the surges occurred. The faces in the group displayed surprise as though I’d become an entirely different being before their eyes.

This is significant as for the past two months I’ve embraced a spiritual practice aimed at piercing the veil of duality to know complete oneness. This consists of noticing when I slip into a mode of me and other and affirming that indeed we are one. It takes a new kind of mindfulness than I’d been used to having. The great surges of energy are my confirmation that the small self of me is more integrated into the larger self of me.

The fruits of this are yet to be established… but there are always fruits.