Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Spiritual Discipline

The ego or human personality has for a long time thought itself to be quite alone in the universe, having to struggle under the law of the jungle to survive.  Now it is to be introduced to a new way of being, and to the ego this new way feels very much like death. There is a way to introduce the ego with the larger arena in which it has being and bring it into communion with the Inner Being. This may be done in such a manner as to allow the ego to corporate with the Greater Being of which it is a part, minimize resistance, and still maintain its integrity. This is done through the practice of a Spiritual Discipline. Spiritual Discipline is a method or methods of communing with the Spirit within each and every one. It is not necessarily the types of discipline that are so described by any particular religion, group, sect, teaching or cult; but it is whatever method an individual uses to commune with the Inner Being.  It must always be approached with reverence and love; when so approached Spiritual Discipline will always provide a new measure of peace whenever it is practiced. To be effective it must be done daily so that the ego grows accustomed to living in communion with its Maker.

Whenever we slip into a reverie we are in communion with our Inner Being. The call now is to commune with conscious intent, and not to be overtaken by communion as it were.  This communion takes place under different circumstances for each one of us. For some people walking puts then in a state of communion, for others it may be running, riding a bicycle, swimming, pumping iron or merely sitting under their favorite tree; for still others it could be doing repetitious tasks, or drinking tea; whatever triggers a state of reverie can lead to a state of active, conscious communion with the Inner Being.  In certain circles this active, conscious communion is called meditation, and there are people who daily practice meditation.  For those of us who have not yet begun to consciously commune with the Inner Being it may seem a long way from falling into reverie every once in a while to get to the place where meditation is done daily.  This is not necessarily true, with a willing attitude and the aid of the Inner Being, a daily meditative practice may become the norm within weeks.

There are certain markers to indicate that we are in a state of sense of balance and equanimity.  The world in which we live is replete with stressors to disturb the peace we so long to attain. Having a Spiritual Discipline will restore this peace which is described in Scriptures as "the peace which passes all understand­ing."  In other words with the practice of a Spiritual Discipline the response to a stressor will not be stress, but an unruffled composure which will astonish family and friends.  As the disci­pline becomes a habit, the results will be a life of steady peace, which is one of the most attractive features a human being can have.  Others will want to know how such and such a situation did not cause an upset, how can you remain so calm when the "sky is falling?"  This state of being in harmony with the self may be attained by everyone and is readily available with the daily practice of a Spiritual Discipline.

It is important it note that a Spiritual Discipline differs from a Spiritual Practice, the one is the solitary communion of the soul with its Maker, the other is the gathering together of people who hold the same beliefs.  Both are of importance, as each brings its own gift to the evolving ego.  For some souls having a Spiritual Practice has been sufficient to satisfy their need for Spiritual Compliance. Spiritual Compliance is living from the inner compunctions we all have, but often ignore, as they do not seem to fit with how the world says we ought to be.  In order for the ego to relinquish its dominance of the personality, and allow the Inner Being to guide an individual's life, Spiritual Compliance is required.  At this time in the world's evolutionary epoch, it is of paramount importance that more of the earth's people engage the Higher Forces represented by the Inner Being, and produce the type of lives possible from living inside out. This is for two main reasons; the first reason is to be in a state of well being and joy. The second reason is to be an example to the less centered among us; as by the example of those who are centered more people are drawn into this state of active, conscious communion with the Inner Being.

It is best to start with what is known and familiar. The trips into reverie were triggered by some conscious activity.  Thus the place to start is upon returning from a reverie to note what triggered it.  Was it a word, a picture, a piece of music, or was it some strenuous activity like running? Begin by recalling the trigger, and see if it is a repeatable event. If it is, and it may be done communion with the Inner Being; the most obvious of which is alone, as this is the other key to this Spiritual Disci­pline. Then this trigger may be used until other more refined methods are obtained. The Inner Being will help. The mere desire to probe this area of existence will bring the might and power of the Inner Being to your aid so swiftly, your head will spin, perhaps literally.  Once the trigger is noted then resolve becomes a factor. 

Remember the ego thinks of this as the beginning of the end for it, therefore it will resist with all its might. And it does have might, as well as power.  It has been absolute ruler for so long, this new activity will seem to it like rebellion. Most absolute rulers are swift to squash any insurrection. Thus resolve is quite necessary at this point. Once the habit of communing with the Inner Being is formed, the ego will like it, but first it must try it to know this.

You have found the trigger and resolved to begin, but all those activities that were merely important a few moments ago now become urgent. The cellar was to have been cleaned five years ago, it is best to do so now; no knowing what and all is down there, best to go see.  Oh dear, did you notice how dirty that car is, the day is so sunny and calm. What better time to wash that dirty car? That project from work could be finished within a few hours, and how it will impress the boss that it was done ahead of schedule; there could be a promotion in it. Better get started on it while there is this free time. It has been a long time since you have spoken with Aunt Fran, and the telephone rates are low right now, it would be so good to hear her voice, better give her a call. You find you own excuse, those where some of the ones that came immediately to mind. The ego will find as many as it is allowed to prevent the beginning of this most important of activities.  All of that can wait. Plus with the beginning of the Spiritual Discipline, the person who comes to any task or activity is a more balanced individual than would have appeared, had you not paused and communed with the Inner Being.

The next phase is to find a place where this Spiritual Discipline may be practiced in solitude and without interruption.  If you live in a household alone, it may be a simple as unplugging the telephone and ignoring the door bell.  However if like most people on the planet you share space with others, like a spouse, parents or children, then the solitude may be interrupted as the egos of others seem to want in on the prevention game.  It is important to be clear with those with whom you live that this is what you feel you have to do. Ask them for the space to do your chosen spiritual discipline. Assure them that this is not an exclusionary tactic but something you need to do for yourself. The result will change all of your relationships for the better.