Friday, March 3, 2017

The River

There is a river of love, light and incredible intelligence running through humanity. This river bears within its flow everything needed for humanity to flourish and establish the golden age of freedom and complete prosperity. The bulk of human beings live on the very banks of this transforming river with nary a glance in its direction. Instead they live their daily lives in drudgery and pain. Fortunately there is, and always were, a core of beings in human form who relish the inspiration and upliftment offered by the river. These benevolent souls have been the stabilizing factor for balance and some harmony on the planet for eons. They continue to be so even now. 

There is now a need, urgent in its calling, for more of humanity’s masses to wade into the river; wash their memories clean of sorrows, shame, anguish, vengeance and strife and take on the responsibilities for planetary transformation. This is a delightful task. The river is so very refreshing, renewing and responsive to the human heart. It gives to those with the courage to plunge in its waters the necessary implements to change the whole earth.

The river bears the mark of the unknown, but threatens nothing. Ignorance of the purpose keeps the majority of humans from embracing the joys it holds for them. The cleansing power within the river scrubs hearts and minds of the dross of ages plagued with feelings of separation and isolation. This cleansing leaves a brilliant awakening and more joy, peace, love, happiness and continuing prosperity some now think is impossible. Bathe within this loving river and feel for yourself the exhilaration of a sloughing can bring. The ages of loneliness as a solitary human being can be transformed in an instant,; in the twinkling of an eye, as the light melts away the darkness of separation.

Freedom and grace awaits the awakened ones.